Joakim is a writer/director with 13 years of experience in the business. Growing up in a working class neighborhood without a father and few to no prospects in life he still knew from an early age that he wanted to be a film maker. By working his way up in almost all creative fields within the film medium he has developed a distinct visual style that tells any story with penetrating precision. He is a perfectionist that always gives it his everything. No project will ever be handled in a trivial way, when Joakim takes it on he won’t be satisfied until every frame feels right.


THOR-TV, Webb-tv

Director & Co-writer: Joakim S. Hammond

Kungälv Hockey, Introfilm

Director: Joakim S. Hammond


Director : Joakim S. Hammond

Serengeti feat. Etzia & Syster Sol - Can't Test We, Music Video

Director: Joakim S. Hammond

Pain Of Salvation - Meaningless

Co-Director/Producer : Joakim S. Hammond

General Knas - Flyg Lilla Fågel, Music Video

Director/Producer: Joakim S. Hammond