SWIXER - The Swedish Fixer is a full service production company that provides film production and production services to Swedish and international production companies, agencies and companies. We work in all areas of media production: TV-series, feature films, commercials, still photography, documentaries, fashion shoots as well as corporate films. We also have a network of talented directors on our roster.


We take great pride in offering full video productions as well as parts of production to clients all over the world and believe that every production requires a unique set of services, tools and people. That is why we have a solution-oriented mindset so that each project gets the best possible support to reach its full potential. We work with Sweden's best crews and our rates will always be specific to your filming requirements. No matter how big or small the project is our clients are always at the center of our attention.



Research & Ideas



Location finding

Logistical support

Release Forms

Local permissions

Equipment booking



Call sheet



Producing full videos

Local Producers/Serviceproducer


Project Managers

Television crews

Film crews

Production staff/assistance

Actors, extras, and contributors



Meet and greets





Editing of videos

Voice over artists

Post production scripts

Post production paperwork



"I had a great time working with SWIXER. They were really efficient and dealt with our various problems before I had even thought of them. A good, solid local producer..."


Mike Garrod (Producer/Director

Body Bizarre' (Discovery Channel International)

We worked with SWIXER’s crew earlier this year and it is a pleasure to provide a reference. In the lead up to our arrival in Sweden, they were very clear in their communications and made me feel very at ease. They completely understood the brief and made sure that everything was organised and in order before our arrival. I felt in very good hands. On set, Fatima is not only a pleasure to work with, she is extremely professional. The crew she engaged were also easy to work with and helped us run a smooth operation.


Kim Ingles

50 Kaliber

SWIXER is our go-to fixer whenever we do a shoot in Sweden. They are incredibly professional and has made all of our shoots in the area a breeze. They help gathering PA’s for our shoots, invoices us on time, and has been able to provide us with any and all tasks we’ve asked for.


Ryan Lavalette

Leopard USA

"I would throughly recommend SWIXER as a local AP/Fixer/Production Co-ordinator in Sweden and Norway. We travel extensively in Europe for the Emmy nominated US series "Through The Wormhole With Morgan Freeman" and rely heavily on local co-ordinators and AP's. SWIXER is one of the very best and ensured a trouble free shoot".  


David Baillie (DP)

Photo by: Omanovic Production