Normal People – BBC & HULU

Production company: Element Pictures

What: Drama series shown on BBC & HULU

We provided: Producer, Production Manager, location, Sound Operator, DIT, Hair & Make Up, transport, assistants.


Apple TV+ "Home"

What: ”Home”, documentary series (Pemiering April 17th on Apple TV+)
Client: Apple
Production: Four M Studios (Time Inc. Production) & Swixer
The Sweden episode we helped produce included more than a month of both planning and shooting spread over two different periods of time. We managed a crew of 25 people and provided everything needed: crew, equipment, logistics, food, hotel, catering and so on.

Google Play Music

Rooted In Music

Agency: BBH - LA

Client: Google Play

Production: Pulse Films / Victor Papa

Director: Mike Piscitelli

Production Service: Swixer

Microsoft Xbox - Project Scorpio

Production company: Capture Los Angeles

Agency: Ayzenberg

What: Xbox - Project Scorpio

We provided: Production Manager, studio/location, DP, Gaffer, Sound Operator, DIT, Hair & Make & equipment       

ESPN Becoming: Henrik Lundqvist

Client: ESPN / Disney XD

What: Documentary about Henrik Lundqvist

We provided: We were hired to do research, book interviewees, locations, crew, vehecles, transportation and logistics. The shoot took place in Gothenburg.     

Showtime – Dark Net Upgrade

Production company: Part 2 Pictures / Vocativ

Network: Showtime

What: Documentary

We provided: DoP, Sound Recordist, PA's, equipment, hotel, vehecles, transportation, logistics     

Travel Man

Client: North One Television
TV Show: Travel Man
We provided: Fixer, PAs, Transport & Locations.

KONE – Cocoa Mediaproductions

We provided: Local Producer, Casting, Drone pilot, Scouting, Stylist, Make Up Artist, Gaffer, SAD, Actors & Extras

EQT – Who we are

Client: EQT

Production: Crosby
We provided: Producer/Director

National Geographics – Facing Putin

Production company: Network Entertainment:

We provided: Production Manager, scouting, locations, drivers, PA's, hair & make, sound recordist, electrican, grip, camera Op, interpreters, transport, equipment   

National Geographics – Facing Saddam

Production company: Network Entertainment

We provided: Production Manager, scouting, locations, drivers, PA's, hair & make, sound recordist, electrican, grip, camera Op, interpreters, transport, equipment   

House Hunters International

Production company: Leopard Films

What: House Hunters International / Renovation

We provided: During the past years House Hunters have been coming back to shoot in Sweden. We've provided a vide range of production services in different parts of Sweden: PA's, drivers, fixers, transport, logistics and permits etc.

Tempur - We love sleep

Production Company: 50 Kaliber

Client: TEMPUR

What: Customer Testimonial Campaign

We provided: location, catering, production managment, camera operators, sound recordist, translators, still photographer, transport, scheduling and call sheet.

Netflix – Trailer Park Boys

Out Of The Park: Europe

Production Company: TPB OTP Productions Inc.

What: Out of the parl: Europe Tour

We provided: We managed locations, equipment, props, logistics, transport and scheduling. We also provided a Unit Manager, Coordinator, Location Manager, PA, Drivers and booked Peter Forsberg as a guest star to the show.

Lululemon Winter Campaign 2019

Client: Lululemon

Production: Swixer

Photographer: Matthew Korinek

Volvo Cars / The Get away Car

Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors

Client: Volvo

Production: Park Pictures

Director: Vincent Haycock

Production Service: Swixer

Netflix – Abstract: The Art of Design

Client: RadicalMedia
Brand: Netflix
We provided: Local Producer, Production Co-ordinator, Runners, Gaffer, Sound Technician, Hair/MUA, Ronin Operator, Equipment & Transport.


Client: Bloomberg

What: Inside Sweden's Silicon Valley, Hello World

We provided: Shoot in Stockholm and Luleå. We provided PA/Driver, vehicles, booking/coordinating, flights and equipment.


Client: R/GA Content Studio / Mercedes-Benz 
We provided: Fixer, Camera Operator, Sound Operator, Translator, Transcription and full equipment.

BBC Newsnight

Client: BBC
We provided: Research, Booking interviews, Transport, logistics.

Microsoft – Partnerfilm

Client: Microsoft
Production: Rational Interaction

Production services: Swixer

CNN Courageous / Princess Cruises

Client: CNN Courageous / Princess Cruises

Director: Mahala Gaylord

Production Service: Swixer

Format: Branded Content

MAMMA MIA! The Party

Agency: Dewynters

Client: MM! the Party AB

Produced by: Steam Motion and Sound

Director: Brett Sullivan

Production Service: Swixer

Wish Stories

Client: Wish

Production: Boundless Productions

Production service: Swixer

SWARCO Public Transport Solutions

Around The World With 80-year olds | TALPA

Through The Wormwhole with Morgan Freeman

Production Company: Revelations Entertainment

What: Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman

We provided: The show came over and shoot an episode of "When does life begin". We provided a Fixer, transportation, logistics and filming permits. 

CNN Living Golf

Production: VCCP / CNN

What: CNN Living Golf

We provided: Shoot in Gothenburg. We provided a Sound Recordist and equipment. 

SKY – 50 Ways to kill your mammy

Production company: Burning Bright Productions

What: 50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy - Scandinavia

We provided: Crew, vehecles, transportation and logistics.     

History Channel – The real vikings

Production company: T5 Viking DOC Productions Inc.

What: TV-series for History

We provided: Shoot in Uppsala and Gotland. We provided PA/Driver, vehicles, booking/coordinating, flights and equipment.